Our Network

The XP 49 Subject Matter Experts Network covers multiple geographies around the world already and is growing constantly. 

Its core expertise is in the Financial sector, but through Partners and Associated Provider Companies (refer to that section) the Network also covers various industries such as Technology (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning…).

The Team

Our Customer Expertise


The objective for XP 49 and its Experts Network is to bring added value to the clients, through the provision of an excellent service to assist those firms in their transformation and change strategy and the implementation projects identified.

  • Core to the idea is that this network can quickly identify and assemble the necessary expert resources to deliver on a mission (as well as more standard profiles if needed). 
  • As the network is virtual and extremely flexible, it gathers faster and disperses as soon as a project has been completed to the client’s satisfaction. If Experts in the network are not available on a given topic, this will be clearly communicated.
  • The costs of running in a virtual organisation are minimised: no permanent office, no heavy functions such as HR or a back office… which translates into clients having access to SMEs directly involved in deliveries at an optimal price.
  • Coverage will ultimately cover all geographies, most products and processes for all financial institutions (see next slide for a high-level view of current coverage).

Experts Network Coverage

Projects can be complex and involve several jurisdiction and regulatory frameworks, as well as many products or processes.

Thanks to its Experts Network, XP 49 Limited can bring together SMEs covering many aspects and coordinate them for maximum impact.

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