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Lexi – Strategy and Advanced Engineering Solutions

Senior Advisor

  • Due to our vast business international experience in different sectors and with a worldwide vision

Business Transformation

  • Companies must adapt their processes to the new status quo post Covid, and make best use of technology and digitisation

Advanced Engineering Solutions

  • Going digital is key for your transformation: AI, ML and seamless integration and simplification of your systems and data management

Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Implement required governance, risk profile (including Climate Risk) and regulatory compliance within your sector of activity and geographical coverage

Business Growth

  • The result of your efforts is solid business growth. Lexi may also advise on your strategic growth, search for business partners, financial and tax advice (funding, grants and subsidies) and even debt issuance (Via Verbank Securities – Lux)

Financial Crime Prevention and Compliance

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LC APAC is an advisory firm engaged in supporting international and local organisations, across industries, to develop and grow their businesses in the ASEAN region and beyond. Our business proposition is:

Targeted solution provider

Obsessed by results / going to the point / binary answers


Contracts can be easily terminated or readjusted to client needs based on early assessments

Open Architecture

To find solutions out-of-the-box let’s bring in the best in the class to go the extra mile which can make the difference

Cost Efficient

Light infrastructure means you pay for the service… and not for the company middle or back office infrastructures


With over 30 years in Corporate and Investment banking Emiliano has led global teams, mainly in COO roles, in product areas like GTB, Global Markets and Customer Management. 26 years as top management member within BBVA. Working with Financial Institutions in Spain, Portugal, Russia and USA he has delivered strategic change initiatives involving front office, risk, regulatory compliance, technology and operational management. Emiliano is well travelled having lived and worked in Moscow, New York and Houston throughout his career.

Emiliano Salcines

Chairman Lexi


Joseph has 15+ years of global experience overseeing the design and implementation of compliance frameworks and systems to enhance risk management in multiple industries (private banking, insurance, and energy). With deep expertise in Anti Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, KYC and Trade Surveillance monitoring, Joseph has worked at some of the biggest financial institutions in the world including major financial hubs in Europe, South East Asia and North America. Joseph currently focuses on Machine Learning and Automation, in support of clients willing to enhance operational performance while reducing running costs.

Joseph Assaf

Conform-X (Switzerland)


After 25 years in Investment Banking, leading teams in Paris, London and Tokyo, Luc leveraged this experience to develop the financial  activities of BNP Paribas Group in ASEAN. During the last 12 years he was CEO in Vietnam  (7 years) and Indonesia (5 years). As such Luc is a solution provider for companies and financial institutions targeting the ASEAN market. Climate change issues in ASEAN are one of Luc’ s key focuses. As senior advisor to Earthworm Foundation he is being challenged by  social and environmental problems in the region on a daily basis.

Luc Cardyn

CEO LC APAC Consulting (Singapore)

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