Urgentem is the award-winning provider of emissions data and climate risk analytics to the finance industry.
Urgentem’s Climate Platform Element6™ transforms how investors navigate climate risk. Element6™ provides a holistic vantage point on company emissions with portfolio and company level scenario analysis, forward-looking metrics, and an array of tools and analytics which integrate climate risk into forecasted investment projections.



Specialists in structured funds and SPV.
Fundsure can act as your outsourcing operations to help establish investment management companies, offshore funds, administrative management, fund directors, SPVs, organizational service providers, general management, operations, governance and risk management.
Fundsure offers a turnkey regulated fund platform to launch and operate a variety of different funds, while leveraging expertise in fund operations, administration, fund governance, compliance, finance law, and finance.
We also offer a regulated crypto fund platform for crypto hedge fund managers, designed to provide profitability and complement the independent service providers expected by investors, counterparties, exchanges and regulators.
Our FCA Manual Reference Tool, ‘HaRT’, is an affordable online tool licensed by the FCA that can help companies and senior managers manage the regulatory risks of non-compliance with the FCA manual.



cognaize creates actionable intelligence from unstructured documents using Deep Learning. Its advanced AI platform – innolytiq – supports companies’ transition into an AI-centric process.
Additionally, cognaize offers clients model-as-a-service with its in-house data scientists.
Finally, cognaize offers data-as-a-service in a secure, GDPR compliant way at unparalleled speed.