The Executive Order foreword states a number of very interesting objectives for the Biden Administration (our highlights on key words):

This report lays out a strategy to advance a wholeofgovernment effort that safeguards workers and families from financial loss and positions the United States for success in the fight against climate change.

It includes a roadmap for a longterm effort to build climate resilience throughout the U.S. economy and drive better longterm investment outcomes for ordinary Americans.

It demonstrates that the US are now veering towards not just making Climate part of its long term strategy, but also positioning the country for success… Clearly, the US wants to regain the lead (politically and economically) in the fight against climate change, a lead which they had, at least officially, surrendered in the past few years.

The focus is explicitly on workers and families and “ordinary” (?) Americans, basically on protecting and helping each and every citizen through the transition.

Hard discussions in Congress about the Federal Budget look to be cutting quite a lot of the wings on those ambitions already… The proof will be in the pudding to see what progress the US makes, in real terms, over president Biden’s tenure.

The address for the Executive Order is: