IOSCO issued a consultation on the topic of disclosures in Asset Management on 30th June 2021.

Based on the feedback received (45 submissions), IOSCO has finalised its list of recommendations, with the stated goal of improving sustainability-related practices, policies, procedures and disclosures in the asset management industry.

IOSCO has summed up its views into 5 key recommendations:

1) Securities regulators should consider setting regulatory and supervisory expectations on practices, policies, procedures and disclosures by asset management companies

2) There is a need to clarify (through regulation or guidance) product-level disclosure and material sustainability risks

3) Supervisors should have tools to monitor and assess the output

4) Common terminology should be encouraged for consistency and comparability

5) Regulators and/or policymakers should promote education on sustainability aspects


The IOSCO recommendations can be found here: